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Books and Videos
Herbert Hoover Books
Imperfect Visionary
The Life of Herbert Hoover
Imperfect Visionary, Vol. 4
by Kendrick A. Clements
$60.00, #10BK01
The Life of Herbert Hoover, Keeper of the Torch
The Life of Herbert Hoover
Keeper of the Torch
by Gary Dean Best
$60.00, #13BK010

The Crusade Years, 1933-1955
The Crusade Years
Edited by George H. Nash
$39.95, #13BK011

Freedom Betrayed
Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover's Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath
Edited with an Introduction by George Nash
$49.95, #11BK01

Fishing For Fun
Fishing for Fun and
to Wash Your Soul
by Herbert Hoover

$10.00 #157
Lou Henry Hoover Books
Activist First Lady
Lou Henry Hoover
Activist First Lady
by Nancy Beck Young
$29.95, #089

Miscellaneous Books

Herbert Hoover Museum
Hoover Presidential Museum
Herbert Hoover National Park
$7.95, #09BK07
Out of War: A Legacy of Art
Out of War
A Legacy of Art
$9.95, #632
Farewell to the Chief
Farewell to the Chief
edited by Timothy Walch & Richard Norton Smith
$10.00, #09BK13
First Lady Fact Book
First Ladies Fact Book
by Bill Harris
$19.95, #09BK23
Iowa Pride
Iowa Pride
by Duane A. Schmidt
$17.95, #10BK02
Letters to a Young Iowan
Letters to a Young Iowan
edited by Zachary Michael Jack
At the President's Side
At the President's Side
edited by Timothy Walch
President's Fact Book
Presidents Fact Book
by Roger Matuz
$22.95, #09BK22

Cook Books

How Iowa Cooks
How Iowa Cooks
complied by the Tipton Woman's Club
$14.95, #09BK23
Iowa Cookin
Midwest Small Town Cookin
by B. Carlson
$5.95, #09BK34
Best of Iowa Cook Book
Best of the Best Iowa Cookbook
edited by Gwen McKee & Barbara Moseley
$16.95, 09BK30

Small Town Cooking
Small Town Cookin'
by B. Carlson
$5.95, #10BK03

Books for Children and Young Readers

A Prairie Alphabet
A Tallgrass Prairie Alphabet
by Claudia McGehee
H is for Hawkeye
H is for Hawkeye: An Iowa Alphabet
written by Patricia A. Pierce
illustrated by Bruce Langton
$17.95, #09BK16
Profiles of the President
Profiles of the President
Herbert Hoover

$21.95, #09BK20
The White House Christmas Mystery
The White House Christmas Mystery
by Carole Marsh
$7.95, #09 BK18


DVDs and Videos

An American Adventure
Herbert Hoover
An American Adventure

VHS $10.00,#242; DVD $15.00, #10BK01
Landslide - A Portrait of President Herbert Hoover
DVD - Landslide - A Portrait of
President Herber Hoover - PBS
$19.95, #10BK04

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